Ready every food label thoroughly could be overwhelming, exhausting, and confusing. Kate, stumbled upon a great app that allows you to insert allergies and other dietary preferences such as no added sugars or low sodium. The app has been a handy resource and I can’t help but recommend it to all my friends. It is also a great resource for your significant other, when they want to make dinner and have no idea what is “Safe”, they can use this app for help.

Once you create your account with your own unique needs, all you have to do is scan the barcode of the food you are interested in purchasing or consuming. The ShopWell app will either say AVOID (and will give an explanation why) or a number that shows that the food is a either a weak match, medium match, or a strong match for your personal dietary desires or needs.

The link for the FREE ShopWell app for iPhone users is posted below:

Livelifeceliac has no affiliation with the app.


Happy Shopping!