So If you’re like me and you really really miss your favorite snack food, you will pick up every different Gluten Free brand of  that product just to see if it taste like the real thing. Well I have tried multiple brands of oreo’s, cake mixes, mac & cheese, breads, granola bars, and protein bars and these are my absolute favorite items, that I hope your taste buds will also find pleasing! (Please feel free to comment below about your favorite store bought food items for me to check out!)

Robyn’s Favorite’s:
GF Bread- Canyon BakeHouse (feels and tastes like real bread & it’s not hard or rubbery, and does not need to be microwaved before eating like Udi’s, and it does not fall apart like Rudi’s)


GF Oreo’s– Trader Joe’s O’s


GF Brownie, cookie, and cake mix– Betty Crocker (Never eat Red mill! Tastes like grass)


GF Mac & Cheese (powder mix)- Annies (not the one with Cheese sauce)


GF Alcoholic Beverage– Angry Orchard


Protein Bar– Think Thin Peanut butter 


Granola Bar– Nature’s Path Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip


Cereal– Nature’s Path Vanilla Sunrise (all though it has become harder to find)