Sometimes, you just want a real cookie, or a real tortilla so you can eat a burrito and not get sick. Well these are my go to foods when I just need to satisfy the flour/wheat craving.

Craving a good bagel, maybe Sara Lee’s Onion Bagels? Well UDI’s makes great Certified Gluten Free bagels, my personal favorite is the “Everything Inside Bagels” .

Craving pasta, that taste good with a cheese sauce or Alfredo? I recommend a pasta that only contains rice! Corn pasta, may upset a Celiac tummy and it only tastes good with red sauce. Some pastas contain pea proteins, which leave a nasty film on the pasta. This brand that I pick up from my local gluten-free store is really good, and my boyfriend can’t tell the difference.  The only difference he notices is the price difference from “real” pasta. The brand is PastaJoy and this one is made with Brown Rice (a healthier option to White Rice pasta).

Craving a good cookie? WOW makes some great wheat & gluten free cookies, my GFF (Gluten Free Friend) found them in San Francisco and she told me that day, how delicious they are! Believe me, it takes a lot of self-control to only eat, one or two in one sitting.

Craving something to snack on? Glutino makes a really good Sea Salt flavored snack crackers, they taste very similar to Wheat Thins. Also Van’s makes some certified gluten free crackers, my favorite is Lots of Everything Inside. The great thing about the Van’s crackers is that all of the ingredients are all natural, no added sugars, no trans fats, just a delicious and nutritious snack.



Craving a yummy quesadilla or burrito? Food for Life makes a Certified wheat and gluten free Brown Rice tortilla that satisfies the craving of a flour tortilla. I still can’t wait for something even better then this tortilla!

Craving Garlic Bread? Against the Grain makes amazing baguettes that can be baked to be garlic bread, or cut up to be served with spread, cheese, or meats. It is amazing, but not too amazing on the wallet.

Those are my go to Certified Gluten Free foods. Not only do they pass my taste test, but Robyn & Kate’s taste test. My GFF from San Fran. Emily also loves the Van’s Crackers and the WOW cookies (since she was the one who got me hooked on both of them).

Hope this helps your taste buds be a little happy when craving BREAD, FLOUR, WHEAT, BARLEY, etc.

Happy tasting!