Social gatherings, meetings, and lunch dates, all involve food. Finding a safe restaurant is hard! Some have gluten free menus, but that jut means they have foods with no wheat, flour, barley. It does not always mean that their food is made without cross-contamination.

Red Robin:
Most Red Robin’s now have a separate fryer for French fries, most restaurants fry all of the French fries (naturally gluten free) in the same fryer as onion rings, fried fish, breaded chicken and mozzarella sticks and all of the other breaded fried foods.
Red Robin also carries a gluten-free Udi’s bun which tastes great.
Be careful all of their dressings and sauces are not gluten free, honey poppy seed and ketchup are safe.

Most people know that they will wrap the burger in lettuce, but did you know that if you say “allergy to wheat” they will cook your burger on a gluten free grill that does not handle buns.
Since they have such a small menu and only fry French fries, their fries are also GF.

Most of Chipotles food is gluten free, minus the tortillas and the hot salsa. But if you let the person starting your bowl or salad that you have an allergy to wheat, they will wash their hands, change their gloves and they usually make sure no one else handles your food. They will also get cheese and lettuce that have not been contaminated with flour tortilla hands.

These are my three go-to places. I will fill you in on other SAFE places to eat. Just remember ALWAYS let your server know you have an allergy!